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Twitter User Sums Up That Awkward Feeling You Get When You Say 'You Too' At The Wrong Time

Here's an awkward scenario: You're at a restaurant. The waiter has just dropped off your food. He or she says, "Enjoy your meal!" And you say... "You too." You can't take back those words. They're out there, hanging in the air, and the humiliation is so overwhelming you feel as if you may never return to the restaurant. 

If one person understands this feeling, it's Bradlee:

Other Twitter users knew exactly what he was talking about:

But, understandably, some focused on the deer in the video:

At least there were some possible explanations:

Perhaps to forget the awkwardness of the original post, some people hid behind jokes:

People who read the tweet were glad to know they weren't alone in their awkwardness.

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