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KMazur/Getty Images
Man Dancing To 'Remember The Time' At Janet Jackson Concert Is The Internet's New Hero
5 months ago

It doesn't matter where you are when your favorite jam comes on - it's time to boogie. That's what one man knew when Michael Jackson's Remember the Time started playing ahead of a Janet Jackson concert at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, NY. A nearby stranger filmed the man putting all his dance moves on the line, and the video is quickly going viral. Why? Because this guy is absolutely NAILING IT.

Those moves are made of FIRE.

What really sold the routine was his unashamed enthusiasm for the music.

It even reminded some of Michael Jackson's Remember the Time music video, which featured some pretty recognizable stars:

The resemblance is uncanny!

Though we don't even know his name, the man has become a living legend. Keep dancing, talented stranger. You're inspiring us all.