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New Extra-Long French Fries Hit The Market--And Mouths Are Watering All Over Twitter
6 months ago

A new food fad has hit Australia via Japan and people on social media are beside themselves. Hold on to your hats kids, it's here! The extra-super-long french fry!

Wait for it... wait for it... 

Ahhhh....  The fries measure nearly a foot long and have been a favorite among the people of Japan and Malaysia for years. They are typically served with a spicy mayo.  

Top Chef finalist Melissa King tweeted in 2016 that she wanted to bring these gems to America. Let's home that dream is still alive!

Until that happens, restaurant Harajuku Gyoza, has brought the tasty treats to Australia. 

People on Twitter are beside themselves. 

They can't throw their money down fast enough.

The fries weren't the only thing that caught this girls attention. 

The only question left is, why aren't these available in America?

H/T: Twitter