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Taylor Hill/Getty Images
Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool Just Did A Bob Ross Impression--And People Can't Even

The merc with a mouth is returning in spectacular fashion. On Wednesday, November 15th, Ryan Reynolds tweeted out a new trailer for the upcoming Deadpool 2, featuring the foul-mouthed hero doing his best extended Bob Ross impression. Yes,  you read that right.

Fans were thrilled to learn about art from their favorite assassin.

Deadpool clearly took some inspiration from the real Bob Ross.

If the trailer was meant to get Twitter users hyped for the upcoming movie, then mission accomplished:


If nothing else, this trailer was certainly memorable.

This is the second trailer that's gone viral for Deadpool 2, which is set to release on June 1st, 2018. Though they haven't settled on a title, this newest trailer confirms the upcoming movie's villain: Mister Sinister. Until next summer, however, fans will have to be content just re-watching these trailers on repeat every day!

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