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Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney
Stars Of 'Avengers' Film Keep Accidentally Dropping Plot Spoilers--And We're Glad

 Sometimes actors can't be trusted to speak their own words. When not delivering scripted lines, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland and Sebastian Stan, aren't able to bite their tongues. The three stars of Avengers: Infinity War keep spilling story secrets. The fans are loving it, but it may not be the same for their bosses at Marvel Studios.  

Twitter users are pointing out the times the actors have spilled the beans. 

Ruffulo accidentally live streamed the movie at the premier. He was live streaming while walking the red carpet and forgot to turn it off once inside and the movie started. 

Twitter was dying!

Tom Holland is so bad at secret keeping, they won't let him read the entire script.  He's only allowed to read his parts. 

H/T: Twitter