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Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images
Avocado Rat' Is The Internet's Newest Celebrity--And Pizza Rat Is Old News

Manhattan's Pizza Rat has gotten some Brooklyn competition in the form of Avocado Rat. Avocado Rat was spotted in a subway station in Greenpoint Brooklyn and was captured in this video originally posted on Instagram by @jesslena_edwards:

Naturally, people across social media had some feelings about this hipster challenger to Pizza Rat. Many imagined what Avocado Rat needed it for:

While Funny or Die imagined what Pizza Rat's life looked like vs. Avocado Rat's:

And others had some Tim Gurner style financial advice to give the rodent:

This person leveled some accusations at the rat:

While another had a crazy theory; that Avocado Rat and Pizza Rat were one and the same:

But already, Avocado Rat's throne is being challenged by... PIZZA SQUIRREL IN A TREE!

What will millennial rodents come up with next?

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