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Nutritionist Says McDonald's Customers Should Order Two Burgers Instead Of One--And Explains Why

Emily Field, a nutritionist, recently spoke to Business Insider about how to eat more healthily at McDonald's. Did she recommend getting a salad? Did she recommend controlling portions? No, she recommended eating two burgers if you're going to eat McDonald's at all. She said:

Think about a typical fast-food burger. Two small pieces of bread (the bun) plus a slab of meat. Without cheese or sauce, most burgers like this have about 300 to 400 calories. Those calories come from carbs in the bread (roughly 40 grams), protein in the meat (around 17 grams) and fat (around 10 grams). An order of fries, on the other hand, is just a tray of fried potato. It has a lot of fat and carbs (which give it about the same number of calories as a burger) but very little protein. By swapping the fries for a second burger, then, you're nearly doubling your protein intake while reducing the amount of fat and carbs you're eating. Since fast-food is already high in fat and carbs and pretty low in protein, this simple switch could help steady your blood sugar levels.

Some Twitter users had other ideas about what people should order if they're being health conscious:

Whoever runs the McDonald's Twitter found that amusing, because they replied with this 'punny' response:

While others seemed grossed out by eating at the fast food chain at all:

Culminating in this coup de grรขce:

While eating a second burger may be nutritionally better than a load of fries, there are certainly other healthier fast food options than just eating two burgers. We think it'll be a while before the two-burger technique becomes the next fad diet.

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