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Photo by Ollie Millington/Redferns
150-Year-Old Painting Seems To Show Woman On An iPhone--And The Internet Is Perplexed
5 months ago

A Glasgow man named Peter Russell posted a photo on Twitter last week of a painting that is over a century old that appeared to show a woman holding an iPhone. 

Naturally, the pic had the internet buzzing:

The 1860 painting by Austrian artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller is titled The Expected One and is currently on display at the Neue Pinakothek in Munich. People on Twitter were quick to respond.

Some put on their art historian hats and chimed in to explain what it was:

Though this person had a different idea of what it could be:

As did this one:

And some couldn't resist the storied battle between iPhone and Android:

Though some other electronic ideas cropped up:

While it is indeed a prayer book in the woman's hands, according to the gallery, Peter Russell told Vice:

What strikes me most is how much a change in technology has changed the interpretation of the painting, and in a way has leveraged its entire context.

So it was all a perception test. Unfortunately we don't have evidence of time travelers... yet.

H/T: Twitter, Vice