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Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images
Mark Hamill Reminds Fans That 'Star Wars' Is Just Weeks Away--With The Help Of A Porg, Of Course
5 months ago

In case you didn't know, the trailers for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi revealed a new creature being introduced to the universe: the Porg. According to Screen Rant, "Porgs are small bird-like creatures who make their home on the seaside cliffs of the planet Ahch-To." 

But really, they just look a lot like Furbys with teeth. 

Of course, these new cuddly creatures inspired lots of Jar Jar Binx-style hate from fans.

Mark Hamill joined the fun by posting a Porg-themed reminder that the movie is only weeks away from its premiere.

Hamill's Twitter followers were quick to jump on this. Some seemed tickled:

While others got in on the Porg fun:

Some people had to bring other Star Wars characters into the fracas:

And one of his followers summed up what we all know to be true:

Never stop, Mark. Never stop.

H/T: Twitter, Screen Rant