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Chris Graythen/Getty Images
ESPN Writer Creates Etch A Sketch Drawing Of LeBron James As Arthur, And Twitter Is Impressed

Are you prepared to see something truly beautiful? ESPN writer Mina Kimes happens to be quite talented with the Etch-A-Sketch, and Thursday she debuted what many see as her greatest work.

Just look at this and try not to be amazed:

Apparently people were constantly asking for this picture?

And then came the memes...

The picture brought true inspiration to many art connoisseurs:

The etch is being compared to the great works of our time:

And the accolades keep pouring in:

Kimes' Etch-A-Sketch skills surely put her in the upper echelon of sportswriters:

It's been a hard season for the Cavaliers...

If you care about the future of our culture, print a copy and hang it immediately. Even the King has sounded off!

H/T: Twitter, ESPN