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That Viral 'Dear David' Ghost Story Just Got Even Scarier--Again

That Viral 'Dear David' Ghost Story Just Got Even Scarier--Again
Updated 6 months ago

Dear David is back!

For readers who don't know who Dear David is, here's a quick rundown. Adam Ellis is a graphic artist and BuzzFeed writer who lives in New York. Ellis is, depending on how you look at it, either the brainchild behind, or a horrified victim of, a creepy ghost toddler with a chunk of his head missing. For months now, Ellis has been tweeting his run-ins with the haunting little brat. Not since the 1980s movie Poltergeist has an apparition been so relentless.

The story began when Ellis dreamed that a boy with a misshapen head was sitting in a chair at the foot of his bed. In another dream, a girl called the boy "Dear David," and Ellis started referring to him as that. Since then, Ellis has had multiple encounters with the boy. 

So many, in fact, Ellis put together a slide show to help readers get up to speed:

It's been a few months since Ellis posted about Dear David, but he's back. Get your popcorn!

In the dream, Dear David crawls toward Ellis:

That night, Ellis scrolled through the photos on his phone and found a bunch of dark pics:

Since the stories began, Twitter has been divided into two camps: believers in the spirit world...

 ... and believers that Ellis loves to tell stories:

Ellis finished this update by admitting he's freaked out. Again.

Um, yeah. We don't know if Dear David is real, but we're waiting for the next installments!