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Little Girl Tries To Flip A Car With Her Mind Because Of 'Stranger Things', Becomes Internet Hero

Sometimes you get so angry you simply have to unleash a bout of telekinetic vengeance, as any fan of Netflix's Stranger Things will tell you. In Hawkins, when a girl threatens to flip your car with her mind, you should take that threat very seriously. Outside of Eleven's hometown, however, it's a little less scary and a little more... hilarious. 

Nobody knows this better than Payton, who made her sister mad and caught a video of her sibling's revenge:

She's definitely nailing the stance and facial expressions:

The little sister's power-up reminded more than one person of Dragonball Z:


Perhaps her behavior wasn't so strange...

There are lots of reasons someone might want to flip a car:

Though her telekinetic powers remain dormant, the girl demonstrated other impressive skills:

So everything turned out fine. Wait... what's happening?!

Hold up, this girl is terrifying!

Remember, a little sister can destroy you — with or without powers:

H/T: Twitter, Mashable