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Chris Christie Gets Into Fight With Man Right After He Finished Voting

Chris Christie Gets Into Fight With Man Right After He Finished Voting
Updated 6 months ago

Chris Christie's eight-year tenure as Governor of New Jersey has brought highs and lows. At the end of his first term, following a quick and efficient response to Hurricane Sandy and admirable bipartisan efforts in the legislature, Christie crushed his competitors for re-election and went into his second term with a 74% approval rating. At the time, it seemed a Presidential future was within reach.

At the end of his second term, however, Christie leaves office with the lowest approval rating of any Governor in the U.S. — a mere 15%. Repeated scandals such as Bridgegate, Christie's much-publicized absences from New Jersey, and public humiliations by now-President Donald Trump rocked this once-untouchable political figure.

Christie found the perfect way to say goodbye on the day of the election for his replacement:

Color Twitter bemused, to say the least:

We're going to miss that Christie wit:

His time in office won't be forgotten:

Christie was a fighter to the very end...

Of course, it's much easier to judge a governor than it is to be one:

Then again...

It's an uncomfortable exchange for everyone:

But it's time to close the book on Christie's governorship:

So long, Governor Christie. We will miss you in our own way.