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Don Arnold/Getty Images
Tiffany & Co. Announces 'Everyday Objects,' And People Are Rightfully Losing Their Cool

Have you ever yearned for the high-end prices of Tiffany & Co. without the glitz and glamour of all that beautiful jewelry? If so, the luxury brand has just a released a line of products just for you! It's called "Everyday Objects," which also serves as a pretty accurate description of what they are: sterling silver renderings of a paper cup, an ice cream scoop, a straw, a ball of yarn. But while the items may look normal, the prices are anything but.

That shiny ball of yarn can be yours for a mere $9,000!

And that's pretty cheap compared to the bird's nest:

For what you would pay, this better be, like, the best tin can EVER:

But some people really want the shiny tchotchkes:

You can check out all the "Everyday Objects" here.

Whether it's the $300 yo-yo, the $450 ruler, or the $1,500 building blocks, any of these items could be a welcome addition to your prized collection of random things that collect dust!

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