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Professor Drags Actual Coffin Into His College Classroom, Becomes Internet Hero

Some college professors have enough attitude to teach a doctorate-level course on sass. When this teacher got a look at his student's low test scores, he decided he would have to shame them. How? In the most extreme way possible, of course.

@elmariochido/Getty Images

Beyond the fact that his students did badly on a test, we know nothing about this glorious man who took extreme measures to ensure his students felt the appropriate amounts of guilt and shame.

Still, every corner of the internet is offering praise:

It's hard not to admire the educator's dedication to a quality burn:

The feat becomes even more impressive when you consider the logistics:

Perhaps the most heartwarming note of this story, however, is the way this professor is inspiring others to go above and beyond for their students.

May the shade never end!

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