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Denise Truscello/Getty Images
Papa John's Just Tried To Throw Shade Back At DiGiorno's--It Didn't Go So Well
6 months ago

On October 31, Papa John's Pizza released its third quarter financial results. While the company didn't post losses, its sluggish growth and predictions of lower sales in coming quarters triggered a bit of a panic among investors. By 12:30pm on Wednesday, November 1, Papa John's stock had dropped by 11%, resulting in "Papa" John Schnatter himself losing an estimated $70 million. Who does Papa John blame for this financial setback? 

Schnatter blamed the NFL's handling of players protesting racist police brutality:

The NFL has hurt us by not resolving the current debacle to the players' and owners' satisfaction.

To many people, Schnatter's thinking didn't make much sense:

With all the hype on Twitter, frozen pizza giant DiGiorno stepped in with a well-placed sub-tweet:

And the brutality did not stop there:

That's what it looks like to watch a pizza burn...

No one expected the Twitter fight of the day to be Papa John's vs. DiGiorno, but things were just heating up:

Papa John's attempted to strike back with a sub-tweet of their own:

What? What does the new bio say?

A decent burn. It seems Twitter sides with DiGiorno, however:

Our condolences to the Papa after this thorough roasting.