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Twins Just Successfully Hacked The iPhone X--That Didn't Take Very Long
6 months ago

The new iPhone X allows you to unlock your phone just by looking at it, thanks to new facial recognition software. It sounds very cool, but there's a pretty obvious loophole in the phone's security that Apple may have forgotten to take into account: twins. 

The Dolan brothers found this out firsthand and documented their exploits in a Twitter thread:

One Dolan was much happier than the other:

Apparently the match doesn't have to be 100% to unlock your iPhone X?!

One can only imagine the Facebook status updates:

Fortunately, nobody keeps ANYTHING they'd be embarrassed about on their phone:

The whole situation's got the twins of the world saying:

Others are skeptical:

The real question on everyone's minds may be: Could these pumpkins open the Dolans' phones? Waiting for your response, Apple.