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A Debate Over Proposed New Emotions For Poop Emoji Is Raging At Tech Company--And We're Fascinated

A Debate Over Proposed New Emotions For Poop Emoji Is Raging At Tech Company--And We're Fascinated
Updated 6 months ago

Thanks to BuzzFeed's intrepid reporting, we have found out that a major debate is brewing at the Unicode Consortium, the technical organization that selects and oversees emojis. This debate is over... POOP! Or rather, the poop emoji.

On one side, we have some of Unicode's foremost typographers. On the other, we have those whose main focus is the evolution of emojis. The latter proposed a series of new poop emojis for the new 2018 set, but the former had some major reservations. The most vocal critics are typographers Michael Everson and Andrew West. 

Michael Everson said:

The idea that our 5 committees would sanction further cute graphic characters based on this should embarrass absolutely everyone who votes yes on such an excrescence. Will we have a CRYING PILE OF POO next? PILE OF POO WITH TONGUE STICKING OUT? PILE OF POO WITH QUESTION MARKS FOR EYES? PILE OF POO WITH KARAOKE MIC? Will we have to encode a neutral FACELESS PILE OF POO?

And Andrew West echoed Everson's sentiment:

I'm concerned that this character will open the floodgates for an open-ended set of PILE OF POO emoji with emotions, such as CRYING PILE OF POO, PILE OF POO WITH LOOK OF TRIUMPH, PILE OF POO SCREAMING IN FEAR, etc. Is there really any need to add a range of emotions to PILE OF POO? I personally think that changing PILE OF POO to a de facto SMILING PILE OF POO was wrong, but adding FROWNING PILE OF POO as a counterpart is even worse. If this is accepted then there will be no neutral, expressionless PILE OF POO, so at least a PILE OF POO WITH NO FACE would be required to be encoded to restore some balance.

Naturally, Twitter users had thoughts. Some couldn't avoid a good poop joke:

Brandon imagined what glorious poop emojis could come of this:

And Sue imagined a poop emoji black market:

Jesse wanted nothing to do with the simmering debate:

And Chelsea pointed out the important things:

But Scott really grasped the most important question of all:

We can't wait to see how everything comes out.

H/T: BuzzFeed, Twitter