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Youtube: Attractions Magazine
The New 'Slidewheel' Water Slide Is A Nightmare Contraption That We Never Want To Ride

Because the waterslide and the ferris wheel couldn't just stand on their own, a German waterslide supplier, Wiegland.Maelzer, decided it would be a great idea to combine the two. The result is the absolutely terrifying "Slidewheel." 

A video of the new hybrid ride being tested out is enough to make anyone a little queasy.

Once the new ride appeared online, people on social media had lots of feelings about it.

They expressed themselves with GIFs:

Some people had dreams of what amusement park this ride would find its way to:

While not in any theme parks yet, according to Attractions Magazine, the ride is set to debut in three water parks soon. Godspeed to all of us.

H/T: Wiegand.Maelzer, Twitter, Youtube, Huffington Post