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Man Unfortunately Also Named George Papadopoulos Is Having A Rough Time On Twitter

On Monday, October 30, we learned that, roughly a month ago, former Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying under oath after being taken into custody this past July. This surely made the day a very difficult one for Papadopoulos, but the announcement also had an unexpected affect on another George Papadopoulos, a financial adviser from Michigan. He was visiting his mother in Greece when he began receiving news of his guilty plea to the FBI.

He's now trying to let people know he's not THAT Papadopoulos. We thought we'd help.

This Michael Bolton understands:

What were these parents thinking?

If only things were like they were in Greece...

For Papadopoulos, things are escalating quickly:

At some point, maybe it's easiest to just go along with the joke:

After frustrated beginnings, George started to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame:

Just because he's not THAT Papadopoulos doesn't mean he's innocent.

Let's hope people figure out their mistake soon.

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