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Strawberries On Pizza Is The Newest Toppings Fad, And We'd Like To Report A Murder

The line has been drawn in the sauce, and people are digging their heels in. 

For nearly 60 years one of the great food debates has been pineapple on pizza, yes or no? But on Sunday a Twitter user threw the equivalent of a foodie's Molotov cocktail into the argument by posting a photo of a strawberry-topped pizza. No, this wasn't a chocolate brownie, whipped cream, and strawberry dessert pizza dreamed up by a Pinterest-loving food blogger. This was the real deal. A gooey, cheese covered, tomato sauce-slathered, pizza... with strawberries!

It looked like a crime scene out of a horror film.

Was @MoonEmojii looking for a fight with the caption "strawberries>>pineapples"?

Pizza lovers wanted to call for backup to stop this horrific crime.

Ali tried to organize the resistance:

Unfortunately, that's when the sauce really hit the fan.

Things started to unravel quickly.

But @MoonEmojii doubled down:

Still, savory pizza fans were having not of that fruit nonsense on their pies:

Sometimes it just takes a common enemy to bring the people together.

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