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Celebrate Halloween In Traditional UK Style--By Carving A Turnip?

In Ireland and the U.K., carving a pumpkin for Halloween is perfectly normal. However, if you're paying attention to history, as many Twitter users did this year, carving faces into a turnip is equally valid. Yes, you read that right. In the U.K., many people are carving turnips for Halloween.

Apparently, it's an age-old tradition:

Turnips are denser than pumpkins, but can still bear jack-o-lantern's toothy grin!

What's more, turnips are capable of some things pumpkins can only dream of:

We're just as confused as this dog:

Here's a step-by-step, for anyone interested:

There's no denying turnips can be quite spooky:

But it turns out the smaller vegetables are harder to carve:

But why stop with turnips? Why stop with pumpkins? This Halloween season, prepare yourself for the terrifying visage of... THE SWEET POTATO!

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