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Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images
Bobby Flay Relays How He Jokingly Quit 'Iron Chef' In Dramatic Fashion, And Why Producers Weren't Laughing
6 months ago

Bobby Flay quit Iron Chef — kinda, but not really — because it was all a joke. Get it?

While appearing on an episode of the hugely successful competitive cooking show Iron Chef, famed Chef Bobby Flay, who has won the show multiple times, took off his apron to reveal a T-shirt that read:


Don't worry! Within 12 hours of Vanity Fair reporting on the T-shirt scandal, Flay, who has seven shows on the Food Network, issued this statement:

This past summer when I was in production on Iron Chef Showdown, I wore a T-shirt to have a little fun during my last battle this season. In hindsight, it was probably not the best decision because it’s just creating confusion. Food Network has been part of my family for over 20 years and will absolutely continue to be, and though there is a talented bench of Iron Chefs to tap, if I were asked, I’d be excited to return to Kitchen Stadium, whenever my schedule allows.

Twitter couldn't get enough of the Flaymanship:

He'll be back.