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Fernando Alverado/Twitter
Prepare For An Incoming Horde--Starbucks Just Released Its New 'Zombie Frappuccino'

What is this Halloween's true horror? Many baristas will surely say a new novelty frappuccino from Starbucks. In a style reminiscent of the once omnipresent Unicorn Frappuccino, Starbucks has decided to celebrate the season with a terrifying mixture of tart apple, chocolate, and caramel which they call... the "Zombie Frappuccino."


Warning: there is no coffee in this drink.

But Starbucks fans are excited nonetheless:

Some think the new frap should go the way of the dinosaurs:

Starbucks employees are getting into the spirit:

Fans' opinions of the drink varied wildly:

The whole situation is reminding many of the Unicorn Frap, something they hoped would never return...

The zombie frappuccino is VERY sweet:

One Twitter user made a legit observation:

Head to Starbucks ASAP if you want to try the Zombie Frappuccino before it returns to the grave!

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