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John Lamparksi/Getty Images
People Are Fighting Over Whether 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Is A Christmas Or Halloween Film
6 months ago

Halloween is that spooky time of year most of us think about werewolves, vampires, curses, and potions. For a small but vocal portion of holiday fans, however, the season is defined by an ongoing ideological battle that may never end. Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? No one knows the answer, but that doesn't stop people from feeling very strongly one way or the other, and this year is no different.

There can be no compromises:

Just when it seemed to be spinning out of control, the movie's director weighed in:

The director says it's a Halloween movie! Surely we can put this to rest, right?


Some people expressed their opinions with GIFs:

The back-and-forth continued:

A couple Twitter users made a compelling argument for it being a November movie:

An OFFICIAL POLL (not really) circulated:

What's important is that we all watch The Nightmare Before Christmas every year in October, November, or December.