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Netflix User Catches Very Unfortunate Photoshop Fail--And Someone Probably Got Fired

Netflix had a bit of a photo slip up with the promotional poster and artwork  for their new movie "The Babysitter."

Looks like someone doesn't know their right from their left.

Did you see it? Yes. She has "2!" right hands.  

Look closely. Try holding an object (maybe a dull knife) behind your back with your left hand, and notice the difference between your thumb, and the thumb in the photo. 



You may not notice unless it was pointed out to you, but that is a pretty major mistake from the art department. Is there no chain of command?

The photoshop fail was spotted by an eagle-eyed reddit user, moofthestoof and the post has hundreds of comments already.

Is it me, or does "The Babysitter" have two right hands? from funny

Well played, moofthestoof, well played.

Let's hope the movie works more seamlessly. And whoever was in charge of the art design, good luck in your future endeavors. In this day and age of keyboard Sherlocks, nothing goes unnoticed.

H/T : Twitter, Mashable