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Jason LaVeris/Getty Images
Zach Braff Shares Bizarre Costume Receipt From His New Show--And We Have Questions
6 months ago

Zach Braff is writing, directing, and starring in a new show for ABC called Alex, Inc. As anyone in the entertainment industry will tell you, there's often as much going on behind the scenes as there is on screen, and that's never been more true for the Scrubs alum who tweeted this photo of a very special costume he's trying to track down for an upcoming episode. After seeing the costume receipt, we just have to ask... what is going on over there?

Twitter was jealous:

And even if they didn't laugh, many had to admit...

Fans are eager to see Braff's next outing:

People are hoping it recaptures some of the whimsical fun of Scrubs:

If Braff's looking for new fans, he's finding them!

But until they're able to see the micro pig in question...