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Woman Makes Fun Of The Way That Guys Take Selfies--Becomes Twitter Hero
6 months ago

Almost no one looks good in a mirror selfie. Guys and gals are equally guilty of hitting the same poses time and time again, none of them particularly flattering, but ladies get the bad rap when it comes to selfie stereotypes (duck faces, high angles, etc). In truth, men have their own set of embarrassing selfie habits that Twitter user Spooky Sedona recreated to the delight of pretty much everyone.

She began with the basics:

You've GOT to get that lens flare in the shot:

Sun's out, guns out:


No man is complete without some deep thoughts:

Sometimes, you just gotta be chill:

Ladies love a man who knows the time:

That's a strange face. Are you flexing?

Who could forget the grand finale?

Spooky Sedona's efforts have been widely praised as spot-on. Maybe next time they go to take a selfie, some of these dudes will think twice before hitting one of the classic poses.