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'Bachelor Canada' Contestant Thinks She's A Mermaid, And We're Concerned

It's a classic romance scenario: You're one of twenty women, all vying for the heart of a man who's openly dating each of you while cameras film your every move for millions of eager viewers. We've all been there. We've all faced the same dilemma. How do you stand out among so many other people? It was only a matter of time before someone stumbled across the answer: BE A MERMAID.

Lisa knows what's what. Get to know her!

If you watched the video, you'll know Lisa is not only a mermaid, but also a lover of all things squirrel. She actually went quasi-viral last year when she became known as the "Squirrel Girl" โ€” the kind of nickname you might never lose.

But Lisa's love of furry rodents wasn't what stole the show. It was her pursuit of the mermaid lifestyle:

Cue this unforgettable GIF:

The Bachelor was thrown off his guard just a bit:

One thing is certain: she definitely stood out:

Lisa could single handedly pull the show in an entirely new direction:

Fans were rolling in the aisles:

Maybe the Bachelor was ready for some mermaid action after kissing a fish just last episode:

Lisa has won our hearts. This can ONLY end well, right?

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