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Twitter Users Keep Getting Their Hands Stuck In Mason Jars, And We're Dying

When John Landis Mason invented his namesake jar in 1858, he probably never imagined that his legacy would one day include tales of people getting their hands stuck in the iconic jars. Of course there wasn't Twitter back in Mason's day, but we now live in an age where, in the blink of an eye, a person can get their hand stuck in a jar, photograph it, and share that vital information with the world.

So I offer you: people with their hands stuck in Mason jars. Enjoy.

Two camps formed on Twitter. The first firmly believed that breaking the jar was the answer. (Note: This is probably not a good idea. Broken class is sharp and can cut you.)

The glass breakers weighed in:

The other camp had a preventive approach that wasn't terribly helpful to people with their hands already stuck, but may help others avoid this fate.

The jar tippers scolded:

One person shared practical steps for retrieving something at the bottom of a Mason jar:

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