Man Tries To Mansplain 'Indiana Jones' Costume To 'Indiana Jones' Costume Designer

Man Tries To Mansplain 'Indiana Jones' Costume To 'Indiana Jones' Costume Designer
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8 months ago

Are you that guy who watches Jeopardy and then goes online to correct perceived errors?

You're probably not, but Stanley definitely is that guy.

Let's set the scene:

On a recent Jeopardy episode, contestants were given the following clue:

"Charlton Heston's wardrobe in 1954's Secret of the Incas inspired the clothes worn by this adventurous character 27 years later."

The correct answer:

"Who is Indiana Jones?"

Cue Stanley, who hopped on social media to challenge the notion that Secret of the Incas was actually the film that inspired the Indiana Jones costume.

Unfortunately for him, the actual costume designer for Indiana Jones, Deborah Landis, happened to see his comment and jumped into the thread.

Fortunately, Stanley took the news with grace and thanked her for the correction. Oh wait, no he didn't...

Mansplain Alert!

While Stanley was correct about the years the films were released, when the person who created something tells you what inspired them to create it, it's probably best to take them at their word.

But no, Stanley had to honeybadger her initial response.

So, when Deborah's son saw the exchange, he posted it on Twitter and people had a freakin' field day:

I think we can all agree that Stanley deserves a spot in the mansplaining hall of fame...

I'm sensing a pattern here...

"Stanley, you have got to be kidding" is now everyone's favorite mantra:

We've all learned something from this ordeal...

Deborah's skills are pretty much the stuff of legend now...

We totally want to be like Deborah when we grow up.