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Porgs Have Inspired A New Meme Battle For 'Star Wars' Fans

Porgs Have Inspired A New Meme Battle For 'Star Wars' Fans
Updated 7 months ago

For one glorious moment in the new Star Wars Episode VIII trailer, fans got a glimpse of the Porg, a tiny alien creature made of pure cuteness.

See if you can spot it around 1:30:

All we see is a tiny howl alongside Chewbacca as the Millenium Falcon blasts into hyper-drive, but that was more than enough to inspire the internet. Redditors have co-opted the image of the Porg and turned it into the subject of their latest "Photoshop Battle," creating some truly hilarious images featuring the adorable alien.

Here are some of our favorites:

Someone improved the movie poster:

Shaq makes everything better:

Disney's merchandising goals aren't hard to predict:


Kylo Ren needs to relieve some stress:

The trouble with Porgs!

They travel in herds:

Cuties of the world... unite!

This would have been a very different movie:

Some enterprising souls even created GIFs:

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi will be released on December 15, which will surely be remembered as the day fans flocked to see the Porg take over the entire universe in an unexpected twist of events. 

Before long, he'll even be invading other movies and TV shows: