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These 'Illusion Of The Year' Finalists Have Our Brains Going Bonkers
7 months ago

Voting for The Illusion of the Year Competition, sponsored by the Neural Correlate Society, closed on Thursday, October 5th. Anyone who wanted to could view the top 10 illusions, chosen by judges to represent "a celebration of the ingenuity and creativity of the world’s premier illusion research community," and vote for their favorite. Every illusion is available online and they are BLOWING OUR MINDS:

1. "Shape from motion only" 

2. "Skye Blue Cafe Wall Illusion"

3. "Dynamic Müller Lyer Illusion"

4. "TILLA at the beach"

5. "Partial Disappearance Illusion"

6. "The Windmills of your Mind Illusion"

7. The Mask Induced Filling-out

8.  "The Material Inversion Effect"

9. The Shrink and Swell Illusion

10. Complementary Afterimage ( Quantum Rainbow )

Which is YOUR favorite?