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'Donald Trump's Paper Towels' Is The Internet's Newest Meme

'Donald Trump's Paper Towels' Is The Internet's Newest Meme
8 months ago

Trump has been heavily criticized for his handling of the relief efforts in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

Whether it was his Twitter outbursts at San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, his administration's slow response to get the island help and supplies, or his dedication of a golf tournament trophy to those affected by the hurricane, Trump just keeps digging an ever-growing hole for himself to try and climb out of.

So on Tuesday, Trump tried to rectify things by making a quick stop in Puerto Rico, in which he avoided Cruz and proceeded to throw paper towels basketball-style into the crowd of desperate Puerto Ricans.

It didn't go over well:

But now that the outrage has slightly subsided, the memes are coming in hot and fast:

MARIE ANTRUMPETTE “LET THEM EAT TOWELS” 👑 #mang #puertorico #maga #papertowels #donaldtrump #hurricanemaria #marieantoinette #letthemeatcake

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There are pop culture references galore:

And callbacks from memes past:

Power towel companies may have found their new mascot:

It's hump day in a world gone mad, let's share a laugh. #trumphumor #papertowels #laughterisgoodforthesoul #bgimchronicles

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The paper towel for ass-kissing photo ops that won't put your budget out of whack #puertorico #papertowel

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Trump is an embarrassment of riches. Well, maybe just an embarrassment.

#embarrassing for the #papertowels especially!!

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