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Woman Places Sign On Herself Before Going To Sleep On Airplane, Becomes Internet Hero

Traveling by airplane can be a pain. There really isn't anything terribly convenient or restful about the process: security checks, cramped seats, that weird airplane smell... 

So it's understandable that those who travel often would come up with their own ways to make that travel time more comfortable, whether it's a rolling suitcase, a travel pillow, a've seen all the tricks.

Well, until now...

This lady takes the travel hack to a whole new level:


Twitter was clearly impressed with this genius:

Chris noticed something about the sign that others seemed to overlook:

Abby shared her memories of an unsung airplane hero she once encountered:

Rina had a grammar-gasm:

But were lines of privacy crossed by the person who posted? 

Courtney thinks so:

But others thought it was no big deal:

Some felt this sign could be useful even off the airplane...

A true hero.

H/T: Twitter