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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Genius Programmer Trolls The Entire Australian Space Program--And People Fell For It
7 months ago

Australia celebrated some great news this week: the country will finally launch a space program all their own!

The news was slightly undercut, however, by a practical joker who believed the new organization should be called the Australian Research & Space Exploration Agency (A.R.S.E). The idea gained a lot of traction before the government inevitably shot it down.

Some were skeptical:

Others played along:

But either way, you had to appreciate the graphic design that went into the joke:

People felt let down as they found out it was a prank:

People loved A.R.S.E.

The joke may be gone, but T-shirts are forever:

Maybe, someday, Australia will come to its senses and embrace the A.R.S.E.