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Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
People Admit The Dumbest Things They've Ever Done
7 months ago

We would all love to be as funny as Leslie Jones, as cool as Ruby Rose, as fierce as Beyoncé, and as polished as Anderson Cooper, but most of us simply bumble our way through life trying not to embarrass ourselves on a daily basis. The good news is we are not alone. There are millions of us doing dumb things every day!

Now we can share our embarrassment using the hashtag #ConfessToSomethingStupid:

Who can't relate to this?

Some people need to take driver's ed!

This next one sounds down right traumatizing! 

Math can be so hard!

At least it's less calories!

Interactive television!

Ah... I want a Sarah-tard!

The world used to be so black and white.

H/T: Twitter