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The Writers Of 'Stranger Things' Have Been Emailing With Stephen King

The Writers Of 'Stranger Things' Have Been Emailing With Stephen King
Updated 8 months ago

Matt and Ross Duffer, creators of Netflix's Stranger Things, have been fans of Stephen King since they were young. The show is partially inspired by King's writing style.

The Duffer brothers were thrilled when Stephen King tweeted that the show was "pure fun" and "A+." 

They didn't say who reached out first, but the Duffer brothers told the Hollywood Reporter they now keep a regular email correspondence with King:

It still blows my mind because growing up he was such an inspiration — he’s like a god to us, and so, it’s been surreal just communicating with him at all.

Of course, if you're emailing the King, you want to make sure you haven't made any mistakes:

We spend a lot of time and make sure the grammar is right. We ran the first email by our writers just to make sure it was good, like, we were very, very particular about it.

You'll want to make ABSOLUTELY sure:

Is like this: A're we using a semicolon properly in this email?' And then he probably writes his email back to us in about five seconds, but he’s very, very sweet. He’s a very sweet guy.

Stranger Things returns for a second season October 27 and we all know Stephen King will be watching!