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Comedian Insults Every Single Country's Flag On Twitter--And We Are Loving It

Comedian Insults Every Single Country's Flag On Twitter--And We Are Loving It
Updated 8 months ago

With all of the hoopla about NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem, one comedian has decided that flags are stupid and deserve to be ridiculed. Ken Cheng, a British comedian and 2015 BBC New Comedy Award Finalist, shared his hilariously unflagging scorn on Twitter.

Cheng set about roasting all the flags we hold so dear:

Just so you aren't scrolling for days, here are a few highlights:

Cheng recently spoke to Indy100 about his decision to critique all of the world's flags:

People are getting worked up at the idea of disrespecting a flag but I thought it would be fun to do all of them, in the true spirit of equality. I don’t actually hate them, in fact not caring about them either way is why I’m happy to disrespect them.

When asked about his process for the daunting task, Cheng said:

I’m doing them on the fly. I started without knowing how ambitious this task would actually be. I got 15 in and I actually realised I needed more to sustain it, which is why I started complimenting a few to mix it up, why I talked about the audition I was going to sack off to complete it, and why I ended up hiring conspiracy theorist Humbert Wendell to run the account.

The thread has taken off, with several tweets amassing tens of thousands of shares and likes:

Cheng said of the positive reception:

I think what people like about this thread is it was totally unexpected but also makes a lot of sense given the news recently. I hope my next thing won’t be trying to capitalize on this idea as that’s what people expect. My dream to once again have that surprise factor.

Cheng still has plenty of flags to go, but he's not going to stop until he's critiqued every single one:

And we're totally here for it.