Mom Accidentally Adds Stranger To Group Text, And Stranger Just Rolled With It

Mom Accidentally Adds Stranger To Group Text, And Stranger Just Rolled With It
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Updated 9 months ago

The world of soccer moms is usually represented in media as competitive and a bit catty. It's not often that a person gets a chance to peek inside a world they're not a part of, so when someone accidentally added Christi Lally to a soccer mom group text, she took the chance to do some savage trolling. An Imgur user reposted screenshots and people loved it.

First, Lally shared her work on Facebook:

That single comment was enough to start the group of nine other parents down the path towards shenanigans, but the trolling didn't stop there. Christi went on to mention that her imaginary child had raw talent. One hilariously honest soccer mom spoke up, asking why the child was playing for that team if they had so much talent. 

It was as if she was saying, "These kids aren't exactly soccer stars. Who are you trying to fool?" 

Things kicked up a notch when Lally name-dropped David Beckham and criticized the snacks:

The moms ended up reaching out to the coach to correct this mystery parent:

But that didn't slow down the trolling:

The moms had just numbers and no names, so nobody knew which mom was the offender or whose kid was whose:

We can only imagine the chaos and finger-pointing this caused at the next meeting or practice.

Imgur and Facebook have both gotten more than a little joy from this trolling:

Help us, Coach Juan. You're our only hope! 

Of course, we all know snacks are the most important part here:

The Imgur user who reposted didn't mention that it was Lally who masterminded the trolling. 

Some publications even wrote stories crediting him, but people spoke up for Lally:

People are wondering how the meeting went, if Lally ever came clean about being a troll, or if these soccer moms will end up reading about themselves in an article or social media share. Did Coach Juan make everything better? We have no answers, unfortunately, since Lally hasn't updated us yet. If she does, we just hope there are screenshots. 

Check out Christy's Facebook shenanigans here. You can see the post and more comments on Imgur.

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