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Andrew Benge/Getty Images
Dave Grohl Reveals How He Trolled Christopher Walken On SNL
7 months ago

Why do some people have all the talent? Dave Grohl, frontman of the Foo Fighters, recently told Chris Moyles of Radio X that once, when the Fighters were playing on SNL, he decided to troll superstar Christopher Walken.

In telling the story, Grohl does one of the best Walken impressions:

It turns out that back in 2003, Walken had a question:

He asked us if the accent was on Foo or Fighters.

Already a big fan of Walken's signature speaking cadence, Grohl told him "fighters," knowing the result would be hilarious.

Grohl has now joined the ranks of other stars who do an incredible Walken. 

Kevin Spacey kills it with impressions:

More recently, Bradley Cooper has a knack for the accent:

But according to Conan O'Brien, Kevin Pollack is the king:

Everyone has a Walken. Does Dave Grohl know that his is among the very best?