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Parents Admit The Lies That They Tell Their Kids

Parents Admit The Lies That They Tell Their Kids
Updated 8 months ago

Rarely does a Twitter post bring people together across differences in race, religion, gender, age, etc. But that's what Dan Walker did recently with a single question. 

Dan brought people together over something we can all relate to: parents are liars, you guys. 

As a victim of benign-but-lame parental lies (my parents convinced me the moon followed me because it loved me until I was nine) this subject hits close to home.  

It would seem I'm not the only one whose parents lied to them:

The comments became a sort of confessional/celebration of parental fibs. 

Take this dad, who is either a jerk or a genius depending on who you ask:

Christy may have accidentally caused a need for therapy:

Phillip wields the ultimate power:

Mel created her own little lie detectors:

Mark told the sweetest lie to his kid:

Ed invented entirely new batteries for the sake of quiet:

What are some lies you tell your own kids? We're betting a good chunk of you just realized your parents have been lying to you for years and need to make a few phone calls right now. Remember, the truth shall set you free... or leave you stuck listening to really annoying toys.