Restaurant Hangs Taxidermied Cow In Window--The Backlash Was Swift And Fierce

Restaurant Hangs Taxidermied Cow In Window--The Backlash Was Swift And Fierce
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Updated 9 months ago

Etica, a new pizza restaurant in Adelaide, Australia, believes that your pie is best served with a side of “thoughtful conversation” about “the origin of dairy.” In an effort to get the discussion going, the restaurant hung a stuffed cow from the ceiling, easily visible through the front window.

It looks almost as if the cow is about to be slaughtered.

Etica is NOT a vegan restaurant, and their own menu features plenty of cheese and meat. Still, they're trying to help customers make more informed choices as to where restaurants get their ingredients. Etica gets its dairy only from farms that practice “the highest welfare standards,” and 

Etica is Italian for “ethical,” according to their website. 

To increase awareness of mistreatment is a noble desire, but one many aren't sure the installation is accomplishing. Ironically, much of the backlash has come from animal rights groups. A petition has collected nearly 6,500 signatures requesting the cow be removed.

The petition reads:

There is a pizza place in Adelaide, South Australia which displays a real dead mother cow's body hanging over tables by her feet where their customers eat. This is unspeakable, atrocious, and shocking to see. It is a grand display of the cognitive dissonance in our society and creates a space for people to get more comfortable with the death and torture of other species. This is obscene and we wish for them to take her down ASAP.

Etica has defended their decision with a 12-paragraph Facebook post, as well as a four-page explanation on their website. They think it's vitally important diners are near a dead cow while they eat so they can ask themselves, "Would our attitude toward food be different if abattoirs were built with glass walls?"