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People Are Having A Hard Time Spotting The Python Hiding In This Photo

Thank goodness Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers in Queensland, Australia, are good at their job. Responding to a call at a home in Cooroy, the snake catchers snapped a quick photo, but many people are having trouble seeing what the professionals spotted right away.

Can you find the python in this photo?

According to their Facebook post, there used to be two snakes:

Upon arrival, there seemed to be a lot of scales for one snake. Further investigation revealed what was a breeding pair! 

Still can't see the snake? Perhaps this will help:

There it is! It was well hidden, just as we hope all pythons will be when they sneak into our homes.

The snake catchers were able to remove both pythons without anyone getting hurt.

If you ever find two snakes having sex in your garage, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers are the people to call! I'm putting them on speed-dial right away.

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