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Man Uses Hip Hop Music Video Instead Of Resume To Apply For Job

Man Uses Hip Hop Music Video Instead Of Resume To Apply For Job
Updated 8 months ago

How can you get a hiring manager to notice you when they look at hundreds of job applications every day?

Instead of a resume, Dawayne Kirkland sent a custom-made hip hop single:

The song contains these lyrics:

I got, I got, I got, I got
Internship on internship inside my resume
In that visual communications I got BFA
Every time I get behind computer I make a souffle 
I can fix your homie website I can even illustrate

Dawayne also included a link to his professional website, with a more traditional version of his resume:

Dawayne's rap was in response to an open call for "creators from" VaynerMedia. 

Judging by the video advertisment, Kirkland would get along famously with Gary Vaynerchuk.

*Warning: this video contains sensitive language*

Dawayne's rap has hit the number two spot on Reddit's r/videos, and is trending at #16 on YouTube, something that will surely help his chances.

I mean, how could you pass up a man with lyrics like this?

I hope this emphasized that for the job I'm fit
And if you're Pennywise then you'll realize I'm really It.

Let's hope this at least lands Dawayne an interview.