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These Otherwise Brilliant Jeopardy Contestants Had A Really Hard Time With Sports Questions

Somewhere out there, the writers of an '80s high school comedy are laughing their butts off. It turns out the nerds and the jocks really don't have much in common, like, ever. On September 25, three brilliant contestants went on Jeopardy to compete for cash and honor. To qualify for the show, contestants must have a vast knowledge of everything from astronomy to zoology.

One thing the nerds still have absolutely no knowledge of? Football.

The clip's highlight might be one contestant guessing "The Colorado Rockies" as Marcus Allen's home team.

Allen played for the Los Angeles Raiders, and the Rockies are a baseball team.

Maybe they would have known if they weren't under so much pressure?

The clip reminded some Twitter users of another famous Jeopardy exchange:

Some academically-minded users thought the questions were unfair:

Though it's clear Alex thought the questions were fine:

The battle between the nerds and jocks continues.

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