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Rory Mcarthur/Twitter
Man Asks Internet To Buy His Friend Birthday Drinks On An App—And Instantly Regretted It

As with so many stories that take place in a pub, this one begins with something that seemed like a good idea at the time. Nick Matthewman was celebrating his birthday at The Banker's Draft, a local Wetherspoons pub with an app that lets patrons have drinks brought directly to their table without waiting at the bar. 

Nick's buddy Rory Mcarthur sent out a tweet:

Little did Nick and Rory know the response their tweet was going to get:

Orders started pouring in, including five glasses of milk, non-alcoholic beer, and a children's fruit drink.

Rory was amused — sort of:

Most people like wings or nachos. Nick and Rory got peas:

Eventually their server, Steve, got in on the action:

Nick and Rory were in for one final surprise:

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