Video Of Parkour Dog Doing Ridiculous Fence Jump Has Us Rolling Over And Begging

Video Of Parkour Dog Doing Ridiculous Fence Jump Has Us Rolling Over And Begging
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By Tom.
Updated 9 months ago

Animals are amazing! Just when you think you've seen it all, our furry friends find ways to surprise us. The human race should pay attention: with determination, precision, and maybe some vodka, almost anything is possible!

Take this parkour pooch:

Sath, who posted this to Twitter, is an avid animal lover. Sath saw this and wanted answers.

Who knows? Who cares? It's pretty damn cool, and Twitter agreed:

It's possible Sath's tweet got a boost from this response:

It turns out this is a parkour dog. What is parkour? I'm glad you asked. According to Wikipedia: 

Parkour is a physical discipline in which individuals move through their environment and conquer obstacles in their path. It includes climbing, balancing, jumping, running, vaulting, creativity and working past fear. So what is dog parkour? Dog parkour, sometimes known as urban agility, is an activity based on the same principles. It is a challenging, but fun, physical activity in which the dogs learn to interact with their environment. Just like in the human version, in dog parkour we work on ways to conquer obstacles, such as climbing, balancing, and jumping. Dog Parkour is a non competitive event, but it is a titling event.

So, basically, American Ninja Warrior Dogs.

The parkour pup led to this response from a more than a few people:

Train yourself and your furry bestie! Maybe this pup will inspire more humans to rise to the occasion.