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Ellen Trolls Sarah Paulson From ‘American Horror Story,’ And Scared The Crap Out Of Her

As a popular actress from a well-known and long-running horror television show, you'd think Sarah Paulson would be accustomed to scares. You'd almost expect her to be jaded and impossible to scare. You'd be wrong. Sarah Paulson is not impossible to scare and Ellen just proved it three different times. 

Paulson's recent appearance on Ellen ended like this:

Twitter Screenshot

People have been laughing at Sarah's fearful reactions since the show aired on Tuesday, and now that clips are making their way across social media, it's only going to get funnier. 

Take a look at the video for yourself. Poor Sarah:


Kenz can't even breathe at this point:


Chastity has a pretty solid question:


Heidy feels wronged on Sarah's behalf:


More than anything, people remembered that Sarah Paulson is an adorable cream-puff and we love her:


She's so cute it's causing "a view" typos:




Thanks for the laughs, Sarah and Ellen.

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