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Man Discovers Actor Behaving Strangely In Background Of Old Episode Of ‘Cheers,’ And We’re Baffled Too
7 months ago

An extra in the show Cheers has everyone wondering if he is real or not.

It all started when Graham Linehan posted the strange sighting from an old episode of Cheers to Twitter:

Wait, how did he not move? At all.

People on Twitter had their theories...

Twitter sleuths identified the actor as Al Rosen, a former boxer turned TV actor...

Al was a regular on Cheers, playing a character named...wait for it..."Al." 

And while he seems like just a random extra in the back, he did at times have a larger role on the show...

Some reminisced about the time on Cheers when Al cracked everyone up by only saying "Sinatra!"

But whether he had a line or not, he always made a strong impression...

I know they tell extras to disappear into the background, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Cheers to you, Al!